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Our Story

The Yard House was born out of a personal need.


For our founder table-linen was a furnishing essential - it helps change the visual appeal of the space and helps protect the surface of the table - the most popular social-congregation/ school work  spot.


But, as a mother of 2 little kids , a decor enthusiast/blogger & juggling consultancy on the side -It was a hassle , maintaining table linen. The spills were innumerable and the cloth slid often , throwing the contents off the table,  every time the kids got on and off in a hurry.  Using an unsightly plastic sheet was not an option because it was unaesthetic and goes completely against the ethos of minimising plastic consumption. 


So , early in 2020,  started the quest to creating this product which didn't exist. After visits to block-printers & coating units  and after multiple trials & swatches,  a sample was developed. This went through a successful round of consumer and lab testing.  The process has a patent pending as well. 


The vision for the brand is to extend into the entire category of home furnishing and accessories which are sensible - keeping the aesthetics of block-printing/ woven-chambrays on fabric as the foundation. The goal is to support indigenous arts and at the same time bring out functional, fabric-based products , keeping a consumer need at heart.

We hope table linen by The Yard House makes for a  meaningful addition to your home and helps you in making your table plastic-free!

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