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The Brand

We view home furnishing as a category that can change the look of , and has the potential to define the mood and energy of any space- particularly in  these times , when our home is our world.

We're starting off with table cloth. We'll soon be expanding to placemats / runners and and repertoire of home furnishing products. 



Printed cotton fabric goes through a series of safe treatments for durable water / stain resistance and for the anti-skid property. 

Wipe-able / stain resistant  - works most household stains. Coffee, chocolate , ketchup etc wipe off completely.  Turmeric and chilli-oil can be a bit stubborn.

Anti Skid - It absolutely won't shift position while in use.


Cotton Shrinkage

Since it's made of cotton, it would be prudent to expect it to retain some of the properties like shrinkage . Expect 3-5% shrinkage with washing. It would be better to choose a size which gives a 6-12" drop on the sides. 


Fabric Design

Design and aesthetic is at the core of the product. The prints are block-printed by hand or screen printed  in Jaipur. The goal is to sustain and support indigenous design and printing techniques and render them into a truly functional product. 


Home Testing

Table cloths were sent to homes for usage in the home environment over a period of time and the feedback through the process has been extraordinary. 


Lab Testing

The end product has gone through a series of tests for wash-care recommendation, stain resistance and spill resistance and has demonstrated a rating of 5/5 on almost all parameters and 4/5 on a few. 


Process Patent

The process for treating the product and rendering into it's final form has been filed for patenting and is pending approval.

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