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  • Can i wash the table cloth in the washing machine?
    Yes, you can wash the the tablecloth in the washing machine in the warm setting. For more tips on how to care for your products, visit the "Maintenance & Care" section.
  • Can I place hot vessels directly on top?
    To be avoided. While the table cloth itself can withstand the heat, it is not an insulator and is unlikely to protect the surface of the table. Always place hot vessels with an insulating coaster / pot-holder. For more tips on how to care for your products, visit the "Maintenance & Care" section.
  • Will the water resistance decrease over time?
    Cotton fabric is treated with coatings that bond with the fibre to give it water resistance. There is a gradual depletion of water resistance with the first few washes - to the extent of around 10%, after which it stays as-is. What this means is, after about 10 washes, you may not be able to leave liquids on for a prolonged duration without some gradual seepage. It will still be wipe-able , but for shorter durations. In any case , immediate attention to spills is recommended , as this is not plastic and is cotton based. The anti-slip , however will not deplete and will last through the life of the product. Try to minimize washes to prolong the life of the product. The treatments are PU and silicone based - similar to the ones used in kids reusable diapers and mattress protectors and are completely safe.
  • Do haldi stains go off completely?
    Haldi has been used for hundreds of years for dyeing clothes & has been very effective - So it's not letting us off the hook that easily! Haldi and pickle oil are certainly stubborn. While coffee/ ketchup / chocolate etc wipe off 100% without a trace, haldi tends to linger. Bleaching is a bad idea because it fades the prints away. Here's what to do - - Wipe on the spot immediately ( carefully enough not to spread it around) - leave a paste of baking soda + water for 10 mins - Wipe off There would still be a residual stain on lighter prints. This will further dull down and become very faint after 1 wash. ( Do try to avoid frequent washing though!) If you have unsteady hands and messy kids at home, we'd recommend choosing the darker shades. But no matter what - hygiene is guarateed
  • Since it's made of cotton, will it shrink after washing?"
    Yes, the cover may shrink between 2-5% after washing It would be prudent to pick a size which gives a 6"-8" drop atleast to accomodate for this If you need asssitance in choosing the size , please message us on 9353063281 - we're happy to assist
  • Does the colour bleed?
    No , the colour does not bleed . However, as a general practice it's recommended to wash it separately
  • Do you ship internationally?
    We have shipped internationally. Please email on or whatsapp on 9353063281 for assistance
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