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Our Table Covers are

Featured in 
Ideal Home & Garden Magazine - Feb 2021
Good Homes Magazine - January 2021
LBB Top 3 Business Moms

4.3-stars on Amazon

We have COD & an Expedited-Shipping option


"The Tablecloth is literally magic. with 2 kids aged 7 and 2, you can imagine what happens to my table cloth. if cloth could speak, it would cry about all the abuse! Food, milk, curd, ice cream, paints, crayon,pencil and the list is endless. in one day of putting it, we already have dropped bournvita, water, pongal and chutney. i was amazed. i told my older gaughter it is a magic table cloth, so she wanted to know if the person who made it was a magician! 

It is also a relief to see a tablecloth lie flat on the table and not budge. what remains to be seen , is if my younger one can pull it down! 

i love it!


Mom of 2 


"Thank you for the absolutely gorgeous tablecloths. You get 11/10 for aesthetics, efficiency, prompt reply to queries, FdEx courier, quality, super quick delivery....Kudos!

I love supporting small businesses and women in business. 

your beautiful personalised note just added to the whole experience...and how can i forget the classy packaging and the minute attention to detail .


I am definitely putting this in all groups so more people can reach you.  

— Yamuna, 

Gitanjali Homestay


" Absolutely loved the packaging! i got so excited , that i had to put my grandmas saree into them to be stored even before I opened the table linen! loved every tiny detail taken care of. 

As soon as i set up the table, my gaughter wanted to eat something with candles & she inaugurated first!!

This has completely elevated our moods during family meal time together!

— Saranya ,

Fitness coach & mom to a little girl

"Im also giving an extra shout out to for their life saving stain & water resistant, wipeable & anti-slip table covers that have made using our dining table not only more convenient, but also more routine! without having to stress over spills and scratches, our dining table has seen more action than any other furniture in the house ( work desk? Yes, Dumping ground? Sure! An extension of our kitchan? But Of Course!)

A product i'll whole heartedly recommend and will be stocking in my favourite designs for mum an mum in law too!

— Mohicka Gupta,

Decor influencer

and customer 

Drapes like fabric

Looks , feels and drapes just like fabric table cloth. 


Wipe - Clean

The fabric is spill resistant. Spot-clean with a cloth or a sponge. It's also resistant to most common household stains. 


Anti Skid

Will not shift or slip during use. Head over to our instagram reels ( ) to see videos.

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