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A guide to getting your home party ready

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

Food, drink, friends, family, good conversation — a get-together or a party is in the end, a simple and enduring combination of elements, made distinctive by what people (host and guests) infuse the occasion with.

With the holiday season fast approaching, I’m sure most of us will play host to several parties where we get a chance to see our friends and family and bring them into our world, even if it is just for the evening.

Now, just because you’re hosting doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the party or festivities yourself. You don’t have to work yourself into a frenzy to be the consummate host or hostess – all you need is a bit of planning, some organization, and a few helpful tips!

Whether you’re having a casual evening or planning an elegant soirée, Mohicka Gupta Bose is here to share her ideas on hosting the perfect party.

Mohicka is an old soul with a penchant for the “slow life”. A former Country General Manager with LVMH, Mohicka has spent a great deal of time in the retail space working with some of the leading global luxury firms (Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Diesel to name a few). With a double degree Master’s in International Luxury and Brand Management (France and Italy), Mohicka certainly has a keen sense of design and an eye for the eclectic.

Having lived in over 24 homes across 5 countries, Mohicka is greatly influenced by her travels and brought her multicultural decor sensibilities to the fore as she designed a cozy, comfortable abode for her loved ones and herself. “I wanted a home that was a thorough representation of my home’s inhabitants and personalities, while also being uniquely our own”, she says.

Blessed with a constant yearning to learn more, Mohicka was keen to understand how social media could help with building a brand. To this end, she helped her husband with branding and marketing as he had just launched a new venture in the cloud kitchen space. It turned out great and with new confidence, she went about launching her Instagram page(@cosyquirk) on home decor which judging by the followers she has is a roaring success.

All the images featured here have been styled and shot by Mohicka.

Here are her top five tips you need to know about hosting a party:

# Get Organized

Parties require planning, so give yourself plenty of time to figure out the details. Drawing up a timeline and designing a checklist goes a long way in easing your troubles and ensures that your party goes on flawlessly.

Make sure you do a few things in advance and don’t cramp it all just a day ahead of your party. Here are some of the things you could do: Get your place cleaned up, send out invitations, plan your menu, curate the music playlist, clean your glassware and dinnerware, get your table linen laundered, go grocery shopping, etc.

On the day of the party, set up tables, arrange some flowers, finish most of your cooking and do final touches to the decorations around the house.

# Re-organise furniture and spaces

Making sure your guests do not bump themselves against any of your furniture is probably one of the most important tasks at hand. Depending on where you plan to host the party, you may have to move around furniture or even remove some pieces of furniture to open up the party space. I would recommend you clear out your table(s) or keep it to a minimum so that your guests don’t have to worry about breaking any of your precious curios. You can replace them with coasters and mats instead.

# It’s all about the small details

When it comes to little details it could be anything from adding those creative touches to practical needs. Some simple tips include:

  • Keep small side/nesting tables next to seating areas so that your guests can place their glasses or crockery instead of reaching out to a center table every time.

  • To create a mood, put out some candle jars, lanterns, or even LED tea lights and candles as this makes the place warm and inviting.

  • Add fresh flowers to liven up the space, a statement centerpiece, and change up some soft furnishings and table linen to bring in a fresh vibe to the space.

  • Arrange your serve ware and glassware on a sideboard or console table so that you do not crowd your dining table.

These tiny details make a huge impression on your guests as it shows that you’ve taken the time and effort to make them feel extra special.

# Make sure the bar is well stocked and there’s plenty of ice

If you know your guests’ preferences, then stock up your bar accordingly. If not, make sure you have a few popular choices so that no one runs out. To go the extra mile, try making some interesting cocktails.

A useful tip – squirrel away a few bottles for a special occasion:)

# Choose your table linen wisely

To enjoy a hassle-free evening, choosing table linen that is spill-proof, anti-skid, and anti-stain like the products from The Yard House makes for a delightful and stress-free evening. Use a runner on top of the console table or sideboard and a tablecloth or runner over your dining table to protect them from water rings, spills, or any damages.

Once you're done with all the planning, remember that the evening is all about having fun, spending a great evening with your guests, and celebrating the occasion. Focus on your guests and make them feel warm and welcome, and lastly have a good time yourself. As long as everyone’s having a great time, you can be rest assured that you’ve been a great host through the evening and that your party is a success.



Deepthi Velkur (@deepthi9844) is a Bangalore based freelance digital content writer, and mom to a busy 10-year old. Her writing credits include health and fitness magazines, running stories and wedding planning articles. While redecorating her apartment she fell in love with home styling and now marries her love for home decor with writing.


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