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Outdoor Cushion Covers: They're the perfect blend of style, durability, and practicality for your outdoor living spaces. These cushion covers are designed to elevate your outdoor decor while providing exceptional protection against spills, all with a touch of artisanal craftsmanship.


Key Features:

  • Spill-Resistant Technology: Our outdoor cushion covers are engineered with a cutting-edge spill-resistant treatment. Say goodbye to worrying about accidental spills during your outdoor gatherings. Liquid spills bead up on the fabric's surface, allowing for easy cleanup.
  • Quilted Design: The quilted pattern on these cushion covers not only adds a touch of elegance but also enhances the comfort and durability of your outdoor seating. The thick, plush padding offers a cozy and inviting feel, making your outdoor space even more enjoyable.
  • Hand Block Printed Artistry: Each cushion cover is a work of art, featuring intricate hand block printing. Our skilled artisans use traditional techniques to create captivating patterns and designs. The result is a unique and visually appealing addition to your outdoor decor.
  • Durable and Weather-Resistant: They are crafted with a treatment that resists fading and UV damage better than regular cotton. This makes them perfect for long-term outdoor use. The quilted construction ensures that your outdoor cushions remain protected from wear and tear, allowing you to enjoy a fresh and stylish outdoor space season after season.
  • Easy to Maintain: Cleaning is a breeze with our spill-resistant technology. Just wipe away spills and stains with a damp cloth or mild soap. These cushion covers are designed to maintain their vibrant colors and patterns with minimal effort.
  • Enhance Your Outdoor Oasis:

Our outdoor cushion covers are perfect for:

  1. Patio Seating: Give your patio furniture a stylish makeover while ensuring your cushions remain clean and comfortable.
  2. Garden Lounging: Create a cozy and inviting atmosphere in your garden or outdoor lounge area.
  3. Poolside Relaxation: Add a touch of luxury to your poolside seating, knowing that these covers can withstand splashes and sun exposure.
  4. Deck or Balcony: Transform your deck or balcony into a chic outdoor retreat with the charm of hand-block printing.

Elevate your outdoor living space with our Outdoor Cushion Covers that combine spill resistance, quilted comfort, and artisanal hand block printing. Enjoy the beauty of the great outdoors without compromising on style and convenience.

Persian Garden - Water resistant, Quilted Outdoor Cushion Cover

₹1,200.00 Regular Price
₹720.00Sale Price