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Gingham Checks:

Gingham fabric is almost synonymous with picnic tablecloths. The quintessential checked pattern has a long legacy in the U.S. and Europe. 


Gingham is a cotton fabric,  made with yarn-dyed woven using a plain weave to form a checked pattern. Gingham is usually a two-color pattern, one of which is white. The checked pattern can come in a variety of sizes. The gingham pattern is reversible and appears the same on both sides. 


The classic gingham check looks great in any home, whether as chair upholstery, tablecloths, window treatments, and bed linens. The plaid pattern functions as a neutral so it can complement almost any home design. 

Farmhouse - Beige Gingham ChecksTablecloth

Color: Beige
  • 4 seater square - 150cm X 150cm ( 60"X60")

    4 seater round - 150cm ( 60" Dia )

    6 seater rectangle - 150cm X 225cm ( 60" X 90")

    6 seater oval - 150cm X 225cm ( 60" X 90")

    6 seater round - 183cm ( 72" Dia) 

    8 seater rectangle - 150cm X 250cm ( 60" X 100")

    10 seater rectangle - 150cm X 290cm ( 60" X 116")