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Dusty rose symbolizes love, affection, tranquility, and timeless elegance. 


A more mature shade of pink, the “dusty” in dusty rose  implies a nod to the vintage — think antique lace, weathered postcards, or even old, dusty desert towns. When paired with the right palette, dusty rose can create an old-fashioned or nostalgic feel.


Dusty rose is regarded as pink subdued by experience, or pink without the vibrancy. Others believe that the rise of minimalism in design, especially in technology, influenced the popularity of this color.


Dark, natural green shades work best with Dusty Rose. You can also use Dusty Rose to accent grey, cream, white or other pastels to create an eclectic color combination.

Dusty Rose Tablecloth

  • 4 seater square - 150cm X 150cm

    4 seater round - 150cm 

    6 seater rectangle - 150cm X 225cm

    8 seater rectangle - 150cm X 250cm