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Just like the flower it originated from, its diverse tones of fuchsia range from purple overtones to pinkish hues. Refreshing, energizing and varied, using fuchsia for your table can make your space captivating.


An overload of white, grey and brown can lead to monotony and blandness. Adding a color like fuchsia can instantly light up and entire .Poise and panache are the key. Using fuchsia can be similar to an extravagant stroke on canvas. It might be risky, but when you get it right, it can transform the entire aura of your surroundings. 


Our prints seamlessless blends the greens and blues into fuschia - so instantly change the look of the space between warm and cool depending on the mats and accessories you use!

Royal Fuschia - Wipeable & Anti-slip Cotton Tablecloth

Color: Fuschia
  • 4 seater square - 150cm X 150cm

    4 seater round - 150cm 

    6 seater rectangle - 150cm X 225cm

    8 seater rectangle - 150cm X 250cm